Fake Email Generator with emoji domains

Do you want to create email with an international domain or a pretty emoji domain? We will tell you how easy it is to do with Fake Email Generator.

Create a punycode of the desired domain using Punycode Converter

For example, I want to register a domain with a 'Santa Claus' 🎅. I found "full emoji list" site on the internet and chose the right picture. Now we use the punycode converter and from this '🎅' we get this 'xn--8j8h'.

punycode converter

We are looking for a domain xn--8j8h that is available for registration in any domain registrar (each registrar may have different restrictions, so read the rules of your registrar.) and register it.

Now you have to add MX settings so your domain starts working with Fake Email Generator.

Note: Some older devices may not understand the emoji and IDN domains, if you convert email address into a punycode and such devices will recognize it.

Recent punycode domains

unicode punycode
香港-即時軟件.香港 xn----216ao7lkwy17ivn3ccyp.xn--j6w193g
香港-金熹发展公司.香港 xn----227an7ere214bm30aigf655efwo.xn--j6w193g
будь-тут.рф xn----9sbj1dacd3e.xn--p1ai
编编编程科技.香港 xn--2qux23c7e74qaa.xn--j6w193g
家族办公室.香港 xn--55qx2ab2r8bt13e.xn--j6w193g
明立電腦繫統公司.香港 xn--55qx5d260a0rt46c3vbu9j3m4c.xn--j6w193g
明立電腦系統公司.香港 xn--55qx5d260a0rt9pciuar5t3u0c.xn--j6w193g
創輝地產顧問公司.香港 xn--55qzyk0bf0by3dgs6ef9zbvsp.xn--j6w193g
道站.hk xn--5tzu35b.hk
работатк.рф xn--80aac1bsjrb.xn--p1ai